How to Get the Wolf Head

This may be one of the hardest achievements in Lego Universe! But it all pays off! You have to tame EVERY Pet! AND a lion! Thats a lot of pets! Be warned though. A Lion needs 25 imagination, so make sure you are prepared! The Wolf Head will alow you to Howl and freeze your enimies in fear! It also looks cool. Lets see it now!

That's one destructive howl...Just kidding, someone attacked it!

It looks cool too!

This will probably be my permanent headpiece! Or at least for now………….

See Ya!

Alec Warper

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Standing on a hologram

 For those who didn’t know, there are many holograms on Lego Universe. But, what is fun, isto STAND IN A HOLOGRAM! Look at HanFalcon standing in a Paradox Hologram!

Holograms aren't for everyone! But Paradox Rules!

Try it out!

 See ya!

 -Alec Warper

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Meet HanFalcon

Meet HanFalcon. He is my Rank 3 Space Marauder. He will be the first one on my account to go to Crux Prime. Make sure to follow his adventures then!

Here is HanFalcon...

Named after Han Solo and the Millinnium Falcon

Actually, these are old pics, and right now, he has the rank 3 blaster.

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Sooo. What is Alec Warper up to???

 Alec Warper is having fun! Innnnnn Vegas! Just kidding! Lol. No! I am now an avid Lego Universe Player, and I will be posting only about that for now on. I have 4 minifigs. One of my favorite is called… NexusRecruiter! Here’s a pic of him!


So, yeah. I will be posting about Lego Universe from now on.

  See ya!

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Is Samukai actually General Grievious?

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OMG! Stragety Board!

 Look at this link! I found it on Clubpenguingang! It shows a stragety board in the CP office. It discusses the finding of a brown puffle in the mines, stamps for Pizzatron, treasure hunt, and ice fishing! It also says the focus for March is HUB. I assume this isthat area where the Christmas Tree is, or the place noted in Vol. 2 of The Ultimate Guide to CP. Note Stragyist Class and Stealth Class. (Ninja!) Talks about return of St. Patties Party, Beta Testing in Jan, CP Magazine, iPhone apps, board games,(can I take a breath now?). Talk about a large list! I hope this is real because the next two classes sound sweet!

Thank you CPG!

  -See ya!

   -Alec Warper (Discoverer of the Holy Grail Of Cp Future Events!)

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Happy Holidays!

 Well, the Holiday party is here on CP! So…

The ice rink is open too, but I can't get in! It's full!

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