Lego 2012!

All right! I’m back to tell you about what Lego will be doing in 2011.

  1.  Lego City will be back! They will have a “work” subtheme, possibly a hospital, and presumably a farm.
  2. Ninjago is back! Look at the following picture.
  3. Dragon! Epic enough? Geez, I wasn't hoping for this kind of stuff until November, but its here already!

    So much of my idea that they would fight Samurai. There’s still a chance, but its diminished. Now, I believe that the Dragons children will turn evil against the ninja. But, but without Sensei Wu, Ninjago will turn into chaos!

    Well, that’s all thats known about Lego 2012 as of July 8th.

    See ya!


About Alec Warper

I am here on an undercover assignment from Cool Tiger to create a way to make the best VR World Ever! But I found out that I LOVED the games he showed me. I met some friends and now I am making this blog to talk about my favorite games and me. I am british and 13 years old.
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