Field ops 25! You can get a new stamp!

 Those of you who have done allthe field ops, you can now get the 25 field ops stamp! YAY! I missed 2 ops! 2 WEEKS FOR ME! Anyway, here is the field op!

  Oops! I can’t find my assignment image! Sorry!My recent trips to Loch Ness have destroyed my hardware! I dropped my windows 7 into the lake! Then a giant whale ate it! My poor W7! I got a pic of where you have to go for the op though!

Then, you can do they guess and check game!

 Fun eh? Well, I’ll post a pic of me at loch ness soon! SEE YA!


About Alec Warper

I am here on an undercover assignment from Cool Tiger to create a way to make the best VR World Ever! But I found out that I LOVED the games he showed me. I met some friends and now I am making this blog to talk about my favorite games and me. I am british and 13 years old.
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