Newspaper 262, pin, STORM!!!!

   Well today, the storm started, so lets get that out of the way.


  This means the storm will reach land by thetime the party starts.YAY!

   Also, there is a new bat pin at the cove.

Yay! My new pin!

     Lastly, the newspaper…

I can't wait for Sunday!

The party will be awesome...


Here are the future events

    Wow, We havesome news don’t we?

   Also, I am trying to wear my 4th year party hat from now ’till the 5th year!

But I will pobably take it off at some point...

Grab it! Its about to fall off!

                    See ya!


About Alec Warper

I am here on an undercover assignment from Cool Tiger to create a way to make the best VR World Ever! But I found out that I LOVED the games he showed me. I met some friends and now I am making this blog to talk about my favorite games and me. I am british and 13 years old.
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