Newspaper, Field op, STORM!!!!!

  First, I was very busy yesterday, so I did not post about the new field op. I will now.

Im on the case. After I watch a little movie.

YAY! Green pictures!

Oops. I am a little late to the party....

This is the easiest tool so I will be finished shortly.

 The newspaper is interesting…

The main news should be the storm...

This UNUSUAL storm will last LONGER than last years. RAIN = WATER = FLOOD = CARD JITSU WATER!!!!!

Here are the rules for the contest!

And here are the upcoming events!

     Lastly, I would like to say that with card jitsu water most certainly comingout next month, pleasefeel free to complete Card Jitsu Fire now because FIRE NINJAS ARE AWESOME!!!!!


Be ready to blast off to GREAT PUMPKIN later today!


About Alec Warper

I am here on an undercover assignment from Cool Tiger to create a way to make the best VR World Ever! But I found out that I LOVED the games he showed me. I met some friends and now I am making this blog to talk about my favorite games and me. I am british and 13 years old.
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