Gift Shop October 2010

 Happy Friday!  Here are the new cheats for the gift shop catalouge!

Click on the vampire and zombie thing's noses' and...

You get Frankenpenguin's costume...

and Frankenpenguin's head!

Click on the middle ghost's eye...

You get this crook and flail!

Click on the second full pumpkin once to get the viking helmet and 4 times to get the blue one.

These are cool! Hey! I can look like Rookie!

I got that last year. Still cool though.

   So, those are the new cheats and catlouge photos!


About Alec Warper

I am here on an undercover assignment from Cool Tiger to create a way to make the best VR World Ever! But I found out that I LOVED the games he showed me. I met some friends and now I am making this blog to talk about my favorite games and me. I am british and 13 years old.
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